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-Invest $500,000 in an approved Regional Center project.

-Invest $1,000,000 in your own project.

The investment remains placed for five years. Both options require the creation of 10 direct or indirect jobs.

In the first option, the project developer assumes all the management responsibilities and sees to the job-creation. The investor is passive with no responsibilities.

In the second option, the investor takes full responsibility for his project and must be active in management. If the investor is skilled there is the potential for greater rewards during the five year investment period, but also greater risks.

Most immigrant-investors prefer the first, lower investment amount option, with no personal involvement in management.

Regional Centers are pre-approved by the U.S. government after rigorous accounting and financial analysis. The $500,000 is repaid after five years, with an additional small interest amount. There are about 200 Regional Center projects either approved or in process.

The investor should plan on a one-time charge of between $50,000 to $80,000 additional for legal and administrative fees. The investment funds may be borrowed, or obtained in any legal way.

It will be required to document the source of the funds. If the investor application is denied, 100% of the investment is returned, plus initiation fees except for the legal fee.


An estimated timeline for Permanent Residence and Citizenship:

Month 1:

  • Engagement of WSG to advise and guide investor through application process.
  • Guidance on meeting family lifestyle priorities. Investment funds placed in escrow account pending approval.

Months 2-6: 

  • Preparation and filing of documents, selection of preferred project.    

Months 6-12:  

  • Receipt of Conditional Permanent Residence for family.    

Months 24-36: 

  • Submission to remove Conditions and obtain Permanent U.S. Residence.    

Months 36-60: 

  • Preparation of investment exit.
  • Application for U.S. Citizenship.
  • Return of investment funds at month 60.   

See the link for official details. Timeline may vary due to individual circumstances, and processing times for USCIS.    

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