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The information provided on this website is of a general nature only, and does not constitute direct communication with the reader. The viewing and reading of this website, submitting any forms or requests for information, or engaging in the exchange of emails and telephone conversations with WSGA does not create an attorney-client relationship, and any matters so discussed do not constitute privileged communication. Readers are advised not to act upon any information on this website without prior discussion with a registered professional in legal and financial matters. Legal services are rendered only upon agreement between potential investor clients and licensed attorneys within WSGA, or attorneys in a network relationship with WSGA.

WSGA does not provide advice in securities investment and is not a securities broker/dealer under terms of the Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1934. WSGA maintains strategic informational relationships with licensed broker/dealers and investment advisors who enter into specific investment advice relationships with WSGA clients and contract directly with them. Information communicated by WSGA concerning EB-5 Investment Projects is of a general nature only. WSGA expressly denies any and all responsibilities for information about specific projects, and advises investors to discuss their personal financial circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance directly with the project developers before investing.

WSGA will facilitate all communications in this regard. Potential investors enter into a direct contractual investment relationship with their selected EB-5 Project, which includes the exchange of information between the investor and the project.

WSGA makes no solicitations or offers to sell of securities. It generally reviews projects available from EB-5 developers and may advise clients as to their suitability, which advice is incidental and secondary to the legal services it renders to its clients.

WSGA is a leader in extending its legal services to include advising on social, cultural and other lifestyle factors, now encouraged by various Bar jurisdictions for its Members as an important part of legal services rendered.

WSGA may receive compensation from developers for finding investors. This compensation would come from the developer’s general project costs, and not from the investor’s specific EB-5 investment funds. WSGA recognizes the high fiduciary duty attached to any potential advice, and would be rigorous in reporting any conflicts of interest related to its advice, legal or other.

All material on this website, graphic and textual, is the property of WSGA, and all rights thereto are the property of WSGA. WSGA will vigorously pursue any and all unauthorized appropriations of this material.

WSGA closely respects all provisions of the Florida Bar with regard to advertising and testimonials and all matters of professional ethics and conduct. 

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