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WEI SU GLOBAL ADVISORS is founded upon PERSONAL SERVICE at the highest level. The EB-5 process is not treated in isolation as an end in itself, but as the key element in designing a lifestyle in the United States to satisfy and exceed the wishes of the investor family.

The WSGA service difference is that WSGA is not structured on narrow professionalism, but upon the complex real lifestyle needs of the immigrant investor.   

To this goal, the WSGA team is formed of sensitive, worldly and experienced experts in Law, Financial Management, Education, Accounting, Investing, Real Estate, Architecture and Design. WSG has built a deep support structure of the finest individuals and firms that share this same dedication to personal service, not mass processing, to support the newly-arriving family – before they arrive.   


WSGA advisors will communicate with potential investors on all aspects of the EB-5 process. Much information is available directly from the U.S. Government website. WSG offers further explanation where needed, as individual circumstances may differ.

Communication can initially be by email and telephone. As Advisors travel regularly and often to Greater China and many other locations worldwide, personal visits may be arranged.   


There are over 200 projects available for EB-5 investment, either approved or pending final 

approval by the U.S. Government. They exist in every area of the U.S. and cover fields as diverse as alternate energy, Broadway entertainment, office parks, mining facilities, time-share luxury yachts and golf course residences. 

The U.S. Government approval process, overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission, is a rigorous one, to assure maximum safety for the investor. The developers are called upon to provide complete, audited financial information, cash flow projections, and a detailed business plan to indicate the availability of funds to repay investors in full after the five year investment period.  

WSGA advisors scrutinize all projects as they become available. They consult with experts in the field for their independent evaluation, before recommending any project to their client-investors.

Once investors have narrowed their choice, WSGA can arrange an independent or guided visit, at the investors’ cost, to one or more specific projects for their personal inspection.

It should be noted that there is no relation between the project’s location and where the investor chooses to lIve.    


The investor will need professional counsel for the EB-5 process, including the preparation of all the submissions leading to the Green Card and Citizenship. These EB-5 related legal services and fees are standard and do not vary. They are a required part of the initial financial commitment to gain the investor’s admission to the government process toward immigration. Legal advice may be needed as well for international transactions for the investor’s personal and corporate financial matters and real estate transactions. Further legal advice for Wills and Trusts and Estate Law, Family Law, Property and Mortgages, and Business and Incorporation Law, is available based on personal situations.  

As much U.S. law is within the jurisdiction of individual states, especially matters of taxation, business formation and estate and family law, WSGA will assure that the investor has access to the best legal advice in each jurisdiction based upon his residence and place of business.  

The WSGA team also has expertise in international taxation and secure financial transfers. Investors need to know that legal, accounting, real estate, taxation and family estate matters – even lifestyle issues - cannot be handled in isolation. 

WSGA assures that the proper coordination takes place for the benefit of its client investor.   


Education is a priority for every immigrant family. The Advisors are themselves graduates of some of the finest secondary and university institutions, and will use their personal networks, where appropriate, to further the interests of the investor family.

For younger children, the Advisors will seek out the highest rated Kindergarten through Secondary School institutions, both boarding and neighborhood day schools, with superior home pick-up school bus services, and with the best records of top university placements, and assist the investor family with the application process, where appropriate.

For spouses and older family members, the Advisors will assist in locating neighborhood Community Colleges and Universities offering new or continuing professional education or cultural and recreational courses for personal growth and social integration.     


As a nation of immigrants, every incoming generation faces the same challenges of integration into the existing society. This is not a one-way street. America recognizes, and benefits from the contributions

of immigrants’ skills and

cultures in continually enriching the American fabric of life and competitiveness.     

WSGA aids the investor in locating familiar ethnic resources in his chosen community, from foreign language newspapers and radio stations, to ethnic cultural clubs, sports teams, art societies and travel groups. Food markets, bookstores, libraries with foreign collections, and community social clubs are identified. Where to get a book of poems or a new novel published; how to find a tennis and boating summer camp for the kids; where are the best car or boat dealerships, is there a windsurfing or deep-sea fishing club nearby, and are there mah-jong or chess tournaments in the neighborhoods are normal questions.   

Once settled comfortably, the immigrant may choose to build roots in ethnic communities, such as the many Chinatowns, Koreatowns, Latinotowns found everywhere, or to integrate into the larger society. WSGA advisors, some of whom are recent immigrants, are always there to advise.   

As the investor, with his family, establishes new roots, founds enterprises or professional service firms, and sees his family learn and grow, he will find that the WSGA team and its interlocking service teams of financial management, legal, international accounting and educational experts – all in close contact with each other to best advise the investor, is the most valuable and continuing resource in his new country. 

This is the WEI SU GLOBAL ADVISORS personal service promise.

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